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Los Angeles, often dubbed as the City of Angels, extends beyond its cinematic allure, offering a rich tapestry of cultural, culinary, and notably, fashion escapades. At the heart of this sprawling city lies a treasure trove for fashion enthusiasts and boutique entrepreneurs – the LA Wholesale Fashion District. Celebrated for its rich assortment of wholesale apparel and accessories, this district is a paradise for fashion buyers, be they mammoth retail giants or fashion boutique owners. With a sprawling network of wholesale clothing stores, each nook and cranny of this district narrates a tale of style and innovation. Let’s traverse the vibrant alleyways of this fashion haven, unlocking the myriad of opportunities that await.

The Pulsating Heart of the LA Wholesale Fashion District

A Deep Dive into the San Pedro Mart

Stretching across an expansive 90 city blocks, the LA wholesale fashion district is a buzzing hive of over 4,000 wholesale clothing stores and boutiques, each offering a unique blend of modern, edgy, and classic styles. The San Pedro Mart, in particular, is a fast-fashion powerhouse, encompassing 35 blocks of women’s wholesale clothing vendors and accessories showrooms. It beckons fashion boutique and E-commerce buyers with its cornucopia of styles and trends, making it a cardinal destination for those keen on capturing the essence of contemporary fashion.

San Pedro Wholesale Fashion District

A Closer Look at the LA Wholesale Fashion District

The downtown fashion district is a dynamic epicenter renowned for its swift churn of trendy styles, establishing itself as a cardinal node in the wholesale clothing universe. This bustling district is a magnet for wholesale vendors specializing in a spectrum of apparel – from women’s clothing to men’s apparel and children’s outfits. These vendors are the torchbearers of the “fast fashion” ethos, characterized by the immediate availability of in-stock merchandise swiftly transitioning from chic showrooms to production.

Nestled in the core of this wholesale realm are vast wholesale marts akin to shopping malls. They harbor hundreds of wholesale showrooms, offering the luxury of exploring a multitude of wholesale clothing stores under a single canopy. The strategic clustering of vendors by product category further augments a seamless, effortless shopping escapade.

The Textile Treasure Trove: The Backbone of Wholesale Accessories

The district is a haven for apparel and a rich source for an extensive range of wholesale accessories. At its nucleus lies a textile treasure trove, inspiring a prolific array of wholesale accessories. Whether it’s the lush allure of velvets or the rugged charm of denim, the district is a sensory feast for fashion enthusiasts, evoking a realm of creativity and style.

Wholesale Businesses: The Unsung Heroes of the LA Wholesale Fashion District

Amidst the dazzling spectacle, the wholesale businesses operate as the silent cogs keeping the fashion district’s engine purring. They ensure an unbroken supply chain of fabrics, trims, and accessories to the infinite array of women’s clothing manufacturers nested in Los Angeles. Their pivotal role underlines the seamless operations that propel this district to the forefront of the fashion industry.

Getting Around the LA Wholesale Fashion District

The pedestrian-friendly San Pedro Market, despite its walkable charm, could potentially overwhelm a first-time visitor given its vast expanse. Engaging a seasoned fashion buyer from reputable agencies like LA Fashion Insider can morph this potentially daunting experience into a streamlined, enriched buying journey, opening doors to the best that the district has to offer.

LA Fashion District Map

a map of LA's wholesale Fashion District.

Where to Stay in Downtown LA

At LA Fashion Insider, we understand that a remarkable travel experience is about more than just a place to lay your head at night; it’s about creating lasting memories in the heart of a vibrant city. That’s why we’ve curated a list of the absolute best boutique hotels in Downtown Los Angeles, ensuring that your stay in the City of Angels is nothing short of exceptional.

Hotels Near LA Fashion District

The Hoxton, Downtown LA: Where Heritage Meets Hipness

The Hoxton hotels have evolved into a global phenomenon since its inception in East London over a decade ago. The journey from Shoreditch to Downtown Los Angeles has been a testament to their commitment to preserving the essence of each location. The Hoxton, Downtown LA, housed in a 1922 Beaux-Arts gem, effortlessly combines historical elegance with modern comfort.

Rooms, ranging from Snug to Biggy, boast meticulous attention to detail, featuring delicate molding, chevron floors, and House of Hackney’s printed wallpapers, a nod to East London’s style. Thanks to thoughtful layouts and upscale amenities like Roberts bedside radios and a curated selection of books, even the coziest rooms never feel cramped.

Freehand Los Angeles: An Urban Oasis

Los Angeles is the ultimate stage, and Freehand Los Angeles has set the bar high with its third hotel located in downtown L.A. The iconic neon “Commercial Exchange” sign, the largest in the city at 12 stories, guides you to this historic, meticulously renovated office building. For those seeking panoramic views of DTLA, there’s a suite named after Edgar Rice Burroughs on the top floor. Alternatively, opt for king rooms, studios, or suites, each offering great views and access to the rooftop pool.

Hotel Figueroa: A Tribute to Feminine Excellence (Our Favorite)

Downtown Los Angeles is reasserting itself as the city’s cultural epicenter. The Hotel Figueroa, initially established in 1926 as the first female-funded and founded hotel, has undergone a massive transformation, restoring it to its Twenties Spanish Colonial splendor. Each room beautifully marries Twenties nostalgia with contemporary luxury boutique style, adorned with original works by local female artists, including a striking mural by Bella Gomez.

Ace Hotel Downtown Los Angeles: Where History Meets Eclectic Modernism

The Ace Hotel, now situated in the old United Artists Tower, embodies a unique blend of historical significance and modern design. The exterior may not immediately captivate, but the interior showcases an extraordinary transformation. GREC Architects and Commune Design have expertly woven together elements of high modernism, rough-edged salvage aesthetics, and nods to Hollywood’s diverse eras, creating a boutique hotel that embraces postmodernism with an eclectic twist.

Downtown LA Proper Hotel: A Kaleidoscope of Design

In recent years, downtown L.A. has experienced a resurgence, and the Proper Hotel Downtown L.A. is at the forefront of this transformation. This 148-room luxury boutique hotel, designed by star designer Kelly Wearstler, is housed in a meticulously restored 1926 Renaissance Revival building. Wearstler’s design ethos, characterized by a riot of patterns and colors, delivers a cool and composed ambiance. With abundant natural light and spa-like tiled showers, this Proper Hotel offers a luxurious escape from the city’s hustle and bustle.


The LA Wholesale Fashion District emerges as a vibrant amalgam of history, culture, and style, showcasing a boundless array of wholesale fashion, accessories, and apparel. Whether you are a women’s clothing retailer on a quest for fresh inspirations or a budding fashion designer scouting for exquisite materials, a sojourn to this district is a transcendental journey into the epicenter of LA’s illustrious fashion scene.

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1. Where is the LA Wholesale Fashion District located?

The Los Angeles Fashion District is situated in downtown LA, surrounded by the 10, 110, and 101 Freeways. The San Pedro Market market begins on 12th and San Pedro St. 

2. What do you need to shop the LA wholesale fashion district?

In order to shop wholesale vendors for the first time, buyers typically must provide the following:

  • a Business License or Seller’s Permit and/or Business Tax ID Number.
  • Credit Card & ID

3. What are the downtown la fashion district hours?

The wholesale showrooms of the San Pedro market are typically open from 9AM to 5PM. The downtown fashion district hours are typically from 10 AM to 5 PM.

4. Is there parking available in the dtla fashion district?

Yes, numerous public parking lots, garage and street parking are located in and around the district.

5. Do I Need to Rent a Car?

The need to rent a car for visiting the Wholesale Fashion District in LA largely depends on your personal circumstances and preferences. If you prefer the convenience and plan to explore the rest of the sprawling city, renting a car could be a wise choice. However, if you’re looking to save on costs and avoid the hassle of parking, utilizing public transportation or rideshare services, then we recommend going without.

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