The Early Bird Gets the Sale: LA Fashion Insider’s Winning Strategy

I know what you’re thinking – How is my boutique, physical or online, supposed to stay ahead during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday (BFCM) when everybody and their mother seems to be running the same promotions? At LA Fashion Insider, a buying and consulting agency to retail boutiques, we often are the same thing. Our answer? Be first.

Our clients have managed to elevate their Black Friday sales game with a strategic approach that not only increased revenue but also reduced the fulfillment burden. So let’s delve into the details of our client’s success and unveil the tactics that led some of them to a staggering 40% in advance revenue before Black Friday even arrived.

The Goal: Skyrocketing Black Friday Sales

LA Fashion Insider embarked on this journey to assist their client, a small boutique in North Western Texas, in achieving a dual objective. First, they aimed to boost their Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales significantly, both in store and online. Second, they wanted to extend the event’s duration while streamlining the fulfillment process for their e-commerce operation. 

The Strategic Move: Crafting an Early-Bird Black Friday List

The core of LA Fashion Insider’s strategy was the creation of an exclusive early-bird Black Friday “VIP” list. This approach allowed them to monetize their efforts weeks before the BFCM rush. Here’s how they helped their client execute it:

1. Custom Landing Page Creation:

LA Fashion Insider designed a bespoke landing page explicitly focused on collecting email addresses for their early-bird BFCM VIP list.

2. Multi-Channel Traffic Generation:

They strategically funneled traffic from various sources, including their website, email campaigns, organic search, paid social advertisements, and already established customer email list.

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3. Engaging Email and SMS Sequences:

Subscribers received meticulously crafted email and SMS sequences aimed at welcoming them and building excitement around the early-bird offers.

4.Early-Bird Offers Unveiled:

LA Fashion Insider’s client unveiled their exclusive offers two weeks before the official Black Friday date through emails and social media posts, adding to the anticipation.

The Impressive Results: $14K+ in Advance Revenue

The campaign was initiated in October 2022, with the early-bird offers rolled out just before Black Friday. The results were nothing short of spectacular:The results were nothing short of amazing:

email open rate chart

Our client’s campaign managed to garner a remarkable 923 new subscribers who opted in to the early-bird BFCM VIP list.

Their email campaigns boasted an impressive 50%+ average open rate, indicating strong subscriber engagement.

Nearly 8% of subscribers made purchases from the four emails sent. 

Our client pulled in a whopping $14,320 in sales during those two weeks, equivalent to $15.5 per subscriber. Not only did this account for one-half of the boutique’s total sales during the entire month, it quadrupled its prior year BFCM revenue. 

Additionally, our client was now equipped to retarget these new subscribers with further offers and campaigns, ensuring continued revenue growth.

Why It Works: The Psychology Behind Early Access

The success of LA Fashion Insider’s strategy can be attributed to several factors:

Exclusive Club Appeal: People inherently enjoy being part of an exclusive club, such as an early-bird VIP list. This sense of exclusivity creates a stronger connection between the brand and its customers.

Expanding Offer Duration: By introducing Black Friday offers before the official event, LA Fashion Insider tapped into the trend of extended sales periods like Black Week or Black Month. This approach not only increased sales but also reduced fulfillment pressure on the ecommerce side.

Meet the Strategists: LA Fashion Insider

Behind this ingenious tactic are the founders of LA Fashion Insider, who have helped boutiques throughout North America stay ahead of the competition. The agency, known for its expertise in sourcing and buying boutique clothing for its clients, has become a driving force in the industry.

In conclusion, LA Fashion Insider’s early-bird Black Friday strategy stands as a testament to the effectiveness of a well-crafted, customer-centric approach. By building an exclusive community of early-bird shoppers and extending the duration of their offers, they helped achieve remarkable results. This success story serves as a valuable lesson for businesses aiming to thrive during the competitive Black Friday and Cyber Monday season.

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